A Woman Swallows by Mistake Her AirPod

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A 52-year-old TikToker in the United States inadvertently swallowed an AirPod, mistaking it for a vitamin during her morning walk, leading to a comical incident that quickly became an internet sensation, amassing over 2 million views.

The mishap occurred on a Saturday while Tanna Barker, a realtor, was out for a walk and encountered a friend. Engrossed in their conversation, she reached for her vitamins, initially thinking her pills had oddly clumped together. Without much thought, she continued to swallow them and chased them down with more water, all while sensing something peculiar about the situation. She amusingly shared, “I could feel it going down so slow.”

© Tanna’s Front Porch / Youtube, © Tanna’s Front Porch / Youtube

It wasn’t until she bid farewell to her friend that Barker realized the pills were still in her hand, and to her astonishment, she had accidentally ingested her husband’s left AirPod. (Ironically, she had her own AirPods but was using his on that particular day.) In her own words, she exclaimed, “I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just did that.’ It’s embarrassing, but I did it.”

In a state of shock, Barker returned home and tearfully confessed her predicament to her husband, who advised her not to share it with anyone. However, she insisted on doing so, even with her 4,000 TikTok followers. Seeking guidance, she reached out to friends and family in the medical profession.

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Her followers were intrigued and wondered if the AirPod still functioned inside Barker’s body and if she could hear music from her stomach. The answer, however, was negative. On Saturday, when her husband placed his phone against her stomach using the “Find My” app, it briefly indicated the AirPod’s location, although it worked twice without emitting a sound before disconnecting and refusing to replicate the feat.

With a sense of humor and a pair of gloves, Barker continued to monitor the situation and planned to keep her followers updated. She expressed her gratitude for the support she received, quipping, “People have been so kind,” and humorously adding, “I’ve never seen so much interest in someone’s bowels.”



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