Babysitter AD Sparks Wide Contraversy

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Tammy found herself at the center of a storm of criticism due to the extensive list of requirements she stipulated when searching for a babysitter. Her intention was to offer a paltry compensation of merely $6 per hour for the role.

Tammy’s decision to seek out childcare for her four children led to her facing widespread backlash, as many considered her demands to be highly unreasonable. Thousands of individuals took to social media to express their disdain, branding her “pathetic” and “cheap.”

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In a situation where she urgently needed assistance, Tammy resorted to advertising the position locally, offering the meager wage of $6 per hour. Her advertisement also included a laundry list of preferred qualifications.

The critique intensified as Tammy’s ad was scrutinized for its requests, which included applicants possessing a Master’s degree, refraining from using social media, and having no tattoos or piercings. Furthermore, Tammy expected the babysitter to undertake a multitude of responsibilities, such as cooking, child care, cleaning, and running errands for the family during their personal time.

The advertisement left many in shock, and people didn’t hold back in expressing their outrage at the exorbitant demands:
– “She wants a maid, a nanny, and a chef.” – Thomesa Broadnax / TikTok
– “With these qualifications, they should be paid at least $1000.” – pip / TikTok
– “What person in their right mind goes through the stress and tears to obtain a Master’s degree only to be paid $6 an hour.” – ⛓ / TikTok

Undoubtedly, taking care of children is a demanding job, one that stay-at-home moms should even consider adding to their resumes. However, such roles should be compensated fairly to ensure satisfaction on both sides.



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