This Woman Cuts a Banana in Pieces with a Knife! The Net Goes WILD

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Discovering previously unknown life hacks can be quite an intriguing experience. Some of these revelations pleasantly surprise us and prove to be exceptionally useful, while others might leave us amused or bewildered. One recent instance of such an unexpected revelation went viral for all the wrong reasons – a video featuring a woman demonstrating how to eat a banana with a fork and knife.

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The video, which gained widespread attention after being shared on Twitter, depicts a woman elegantly seated at a table in a seaside restaurant. In front of her, a solitary banana rests on a plate. She proceeds to elaborate that certain regions of the world have specific rules and customs for consuming bananas due to their exotic and high-value status.

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The woman goes on to illustrate that in places like Panama and various Latin countries, bananas are readily available at very affordable prices, and people typically consume them in a casual manner by simply peeling off the banana skin. However, she contends that her tutorial is intended to prepare the audience for the possibility of having to eat a banana in a more formal setting.

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Her step-by-step instructions begin with cutting off the ends of the banana. Then, she demonstrates how to make a complete cut along the length of the banana to facilitate the removal of the peel. Finally, she advises that “all that remains is to cut each bite.”

Much like countless other internet phenomena, this video rapidly captured the online world’s attention, underscoring the remarkable ability of social media to transform ordinary moments into viral sensations.

© EsdeProfugos / Twitter

The reactions to the tutorial ranged from astonishment to amusement. One viewer expressed, “I would never have even thought that bananas could be eaten in such an elegant way.” Others pointed out that high-end restaurants wouldn’t serve bananas with the peel intact. “I have never been served a banana with its peel in any restaurant I have visited (and there have been many). If they did, I certainly wouldn’t come back,” remarked Miguel de la Cruz.



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