This Woman Was Forced to Renew Her Passport Constantly Being Interrogated After Plastic Surgery

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A 28-year-old British woman, Joanne Prophet, recently shared her story on TikTok, expressing her frustration with being consistently pulled over for interrogation at airports due to her dramatically changed appearance. She explained that she decided to obtain a new passport to avoid these recurring identity checks.

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Joanne recounted her experiences of being questioned by airport and airline staff, who couldn’t believe that she was the same person as the one depicted in her passport photo. This issue was particularly problematic when traveling to foreign countries, and she described a harrowing incident in Turkey, where she was detained for an hour and interrogated by six Turkish men. She found this experience deeply concerning. When she returned to Manchester, airport staff also had trouble reconciling her appearance with her passport photo, leading them to recommend getting a new passport to rectify the situation.

© joanneprophet / TikTok

In a somewhat light-hearted manner, Joanne recognized the source of her travel woes by posting a TikTok video showcasing her 10-year transformation through her passport photos. She humorously admitted to experiencing a “glow-up.”

However, this transformation was the result of years of cosmetic procedures, which Joanne openly discussed. Her journey included a nose job, two breast augmentation surgeries, dental work, chin and lip filler injections, fat-dissolving treatments, and skin boosters. She also incorporated hair extensions and fake eyelashes to complete her new look. This extensive transformation was her solution to the persistent identity questions she faced while traveling.



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