Angelina Jolie Hires Her 15 Year Old Daughter As Her Assistant!

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Renowned Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie has recently grabbed the spotlight by enlisting her 15-year-old daughter as her personal assistant, igniting a passionate discourse among enthusiasts and raising poignant questions about the delicate demarcation between a celebrity’s personal and professional realms.

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Angelina, a mother of six, from her prior marriage with Brad Pitt, proudly nurtures three splendid daughters—biological gems Shiloh and Vivienne, along with adopted jewel Zahara. Jolie shares, “My household comprises six distinct individuals, each traversing diverse phases, emotions, and curiosities. It’s a source of immense enthusiasm for me. Why wouldn’t it be?”

Presently, Angelina Jolie undertakes the role of a producer for an upcoming Broadway musical adaptation of the novel “The Outsiders.” In a captivating move, she’s entrusted her 15-year-old daughter with the task of managing the impending production. Jolie asserts, “Her commitment to theater is profound, and she’s sincerely dedicated to understanding how she can contribute effectively.”

Amidst a chorus of supportive voices, some enthusiasts expressed their elation. One online user enthused, “Witnessing her collaborative journey with her mother is truly inspiring.” Another commended Jolie, hailing her as an “exemplary mother.” An air of excitement pervaded comments anticipating the musical, with one individual fervently declaring, “Oh, ‘The Outsiders’! Anticipation overload—I absolutely can’t wait!”

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Yet, the decision did attract its share of dissenting voices. Accusations of nepotism emerged, with critics asserting that Jolie’s daughter was being handed an opportunity that could have been more rightfully extended to an aspiring professional. One critic stated, “This reeks of favoritism. It sidelines deserving candidates who could genuinely leverage this experience for their career advancement.” Another detractor contended, “A genuine assistant should possess the requisite skills and competence. If not, it veers into the realm of exploitation.” A subset of skeptics also contended that Jolie’s motivations were driven by the prospect of leveraging her children for public relations.

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