Beyonce Paid $100K to the Metro so the Trains Could Take her Fans Home Safely

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Beyoncé’s commitment to her fans shone through during her Washington DC tour stop, ensuring concertgoers’ safety and convenience after a night of dance and music. To overcome challenges faced during the event, she personally funded $100,000 to extend the city’s metro station hours beyond the show’s end.

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In response to potential weather delays for the Renaissance World Tour at FedExField, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announced that the last train would run an extra hour beyond the extended closing time. This additional hour was made possible by Beyoncé’s Tour, covering costs to operate more trains, keep all 98 stations accessible for customers, and handle operational expenses.

Initially, due to adverse weather conditions, the stadium issued a shelter-in-place order, specifically warning about lightning. FedEx Field conveyed this caution on Twitter, instructing fans outside the gates and in parking lots to return to their cars, while those within the stadium were asked to find shelter in covered concourse areas and ramps.

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After a temporary halt of 2 hours, the situation improved, allowing fans to resume enjoying the show. Nonetheless, this delay raised concerns for Beyoncé about how the audience would manage to get home afterward, showing her genuine care for her supporters.

Beyoncé’s thoughtful gesture mirrors the consideration shown by other A-listers in the music industry. Taylor Swift, for example, made headlines by generously awarding $100,000 bonuses to her Eras Tour truck drivers, further exemplifying how artists value and look out for those who support them.



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