David Beckham Sparks Massive Outrage by Kissing His Daughter on the Lips AGAIN!!

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David Beckham, aged 48, recently took to Instagram to share a heartwarming video capturing a special moment with his daughter Harper, who is 12 years old. The occasion was the preparation for his wife, Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week show. In this endearing video, David displayed his unwavering commitment to parental affection, despite previous controversies.

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The Instagram post showcased the charming father-daughter bonding time, with Harper skillfully applying makeup to her father’s face. This act of affection was not without its history of controversy, as some critics had previously scrutinized David for kissing his 12-year-old daughter on the lips. However, Beckham proudly posted this video, which not only featured the makeup session but also included a duet performance to one of Taylor Swift’s songs. The caption beneath the video read: “My little makeup artist is talented and has a great playlist. @taylorswift… We are on our way, mummy @victoriabeckham.”

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As the video concluded, following Harper’s application of setting spray, the father and daughter shared a sweet kiss, a heartwarming expression of their affection for one another. This touching moment was a prelude to Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week show, where the entire Beckham family was present to show their support. Their mutual encouragement and interest in each other’s ventures have always been a defining aspect of the Beckham family dynamic, and this time, they had gathered in Paris for Victoria’s third Paris Fashion Week show.

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It’s worth noting that back in 2017, David Beckham had to defend his affectionate gestures towards his children when he faced criticism from fans. He explained his perspective, saying, “We want to show our kids love. I got criticized for kissing my daughter on the lips the other day. I kiss all my kids on the lips. Brooklyn, maybe not. Brooklyn’s 18, he might find that a little bit strange.” Beckham underscored the fact that their family is known for its warmth and protectiveness, emphasizing that their approach to showing love and support is deeply rooted in their upbringing and shared commitment to each other.



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