Disturbing! Kirsten Dunst Kissed Brad Pitt When She Was Only 11!

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Nearly three decades ago, Kirsten Dunst took on the role of Claudia in the film “Interview with the Vampire,” a role that would become a defining moment in her career. Portraying a 5-year-old vampire trapped in a child’s body, Dunst’s performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination and catapulted her into the spotlight.

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In 1994, at just 11 years old, Dunst found herself working alongside A-list actors Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her character’s complex narrative brought her close to Pitt’s character, and one particular scene became etched in her memory. In an unsettling and controversial moment, Dunst had to share an on-screen kiss with the 31-year-old Brad Pitt.

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Reflecting on the experience, Dunst revealed, “I hated it so much because, I don’t know, Brad was like my older brother on the set, and it was kind of like kissing your brother. I had to kiss him on the lips, so it was gross.”

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When asked about her feelings towards the kiss later on, Dunst remained candid, stating, “Yeah, it was gross! I stand by that. It would have been so much creepier if an 11-year-old was like, ‘It was great.’ You’d be like, ‘There’s something wrong with this child.'”

Given that the film was an adaptation of Anne Rice’s gothic novel, the dark themes were balanced with moments of levity. Dunst recalled, “The darkness was always balanced out by fart jokes by Brad.”

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Despite the uncomfortable moments inherent in the film’s subject matter, Dunst remembers her time on set fondly, noting, “I was such a princess on that set.” The experience not only brought her fame but also challenged her as a young actress, leaving an indelible mark on her journey in the entertainment industry.



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