Famous Celebrities that Are Proud of Being Single Parent

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We all know how difficult it is to grow up a child. Everything changes, starting from the routine and then the relationship between mother and father. There is much more tension, stress, it requires more patience. Some couples make it through all these situations, others can not support the pressure, and they just go through a divorce instead.

Some celebrities have decided to share their stories and speak about being a single parent, giving also an example and advice for other couples that are going through a harsh time.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo and his son Cristian

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been for years a single dad to his biggest son. We actually do not know who is his ex-partner, but we do know how great and dedicated a father he is. He said that her son does not need a mother, he can do both. Ronaldo has 3 other kids with her actual girlfriend.

2. Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian

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The famous actress gave birth to his son in 2002. His son is following her steps. He is a model and also an actor.

3. Skeet Ulrich and his twins Jacob and Naiia

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This famous actor is a father of twins born in 2001, and he divorced when the kids were 4. He is a very special father, and he said that being a father made him experience again his childhood, and he hopes to be the father he wishes he had had.

4. January Jones and her son Xander

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The actress gave birth to his son in 2011. We do not know who the father is. The actress admitted that she is a happy single mother, and she does not need a partner in her life. She is so full and love hanging out with her kids.

5. Sofia Vergara and her son Manolo

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The actress had her son with her high school boyfriend at the age of 19. She divorced when her son was two, and she said that she tried her best to raise her son with the best example to give. Today, her son is 30 years old, and she is so proud of him.

6. Alex Rodriguez and his daughters Natasha and Ella

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The baseball player has two daughters, 13 and 17 years old. She has a really strong relationship with his girls, and he says that they are the best part of him.

7. Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda

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William’s daughter was only 3 years old when her husband passed away. The actress said that being a single mother is not so easy, but she tried her best, also in keeping an equilibrium between motherhood and her career.

8. Panda Lakshmi and her daughter Krishna

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The American TV personality gave birth to her daughter when she was 40. They both have a really strong relationship, and she said that it has been a privilege to be Krishna’s mother.

9. Louis Tomlinson and his son Freddie

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The singer became a dad in 2016. He seems to enjoy this new experience and said that this a whole new thing to him.

10. Malin Arkerman and her son Sebastian

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The actress gave birth to her son in 2013, but the couple divorced a few months later. She said that she is very happy being a mother, and she is enjoying focusing on her son.

11. Charlize Theron and her daughters Jackson and August

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The actress adopted her daughter Jackson in 2012 and three years later her second daughter, August. She is a very proud mother and her two daughters are the love of her life.

12. Drew Barrymore and her daughters Olive and Frankie

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The actress divorced when her daughters were 4 and 2. She says that being a single mom is not easy, but she enjoys it and feels so fulfilled. She also said that she goes dating, but she will never get married again.



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