Kourtney Kardashian Almost LOST Her Child! Underwent URGENT Fetal Surgery

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Expectant mother-to-be, Kourtney Kardashian, recently shared a harrowing account of a recent health crisis that threatened the life of her unborn baby. Kourtney, a reality star, and her husband, Travis Barker, had endured a long and challenging journey to conceive, making her June pregnancy announcement a joyous occasion. However, their ordeal was far from over.

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On September 1st, Travis Barker hinted at an “urgent family matter” when he abruptly canceled his band Blink-182’s UK and Ireland concert dates. Speculation ran rampant, and the very next day, it was revealed that Kourtney had been rushed to the hospital, leading many to believe she was going into premature labor. Later that Saturday, both Kardashian and Barker were seen leaving the hospital, with Kourtney still visibly pregnant.

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Sources provided reassurance that Kourtney had returned home with her children and was “feeling better” and relieved to have Travis by her side. However, the mysterious chain of events left people deeply concerned about what had triggered this emergency.

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Several days after the distressing weekend, Kourtney turned to Instagram to provide clarity and share the shocking details. She disclosed that she had undergone an urgent fetal surgery, and doctors had fought valiantly to save her baby’s life. Throughout this ordeal, Travis and her mother, Kris Jenner, stood unwaveringly by her side.

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Kourtney expressed her shock, as her previous pregnancies had been trouble-free: “As someone who has had three really easy pregnancies in the past, I wasn’t prepared for the fear of rushing into urgent fetal surgery.”

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Travis Barker also took to social media to express his gratitude for the outpouring of support and confirmed that both Kourtney and the baby were now safe. He wrote, “I flew home for a life-threatening emergency surgery for our baby that I’m so grateful went well. I want to say thank you for all the support.”



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