Meet The First Transgender Miss Netherlands, Controversy Explodes the Web

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Rikkie Valerie Kolle created history on Sunday, July 9th, as the inaugural transgender winner of Miss Netherlands. With her remarkable achievement, the 22-year-old model possesses a promising opportunity to shatter more barriers by potentially becoming Miss Universe 2023.

Miss Netherlands experienced a groundbreaking milestone.

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Rikkie Kolle, the trailblazing transgender woman who clinched the title of Miss Netherlands, captivated the attention of everyone during the demanding competition. The judges, responsible for the selection, expressed their admiration for Rikkie’s exceptional performance throughout the show. They acknowledged her compelling story, resolute purpose, and conveyed confidence in the organizers’ delight to collaborate with this remarkable young woman.

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Kolle, with her mesmerizing presence, will now join the elite ranks as the second trans woman to participate in the Miss Universe competition. Ángela Ponce of Miss Spain 2018 previously made history in this regard. The weighty responsibility of representing her home country falls upon Rikkie’s shoulders, and it’s evident that her nation has full confidence in her ability to embody their beauty and dignity on the global stage.

Rikkie Kolle’s remarkable journey to the pinnacle of success.

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Rikkie’s journey towards triumph commenced in 2018 when she emerged as a finalist on Holland’s Next Top Model. When asked to describe herself with a single word in her video introduction for Miss Netherlands, Rikkie confidently selected “victory.” She eloquently expressed, “This word represents not only my personal triumph but also stands for those who feel like they don’t belong, for those who embrace their uniqueness.” Rikkie’s choice and explanation exemplify her strength, determination, and resilience on the path to success.

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For Kolle, the mere act of participating in Miss Netherlands was already a tremendous accomplishment, as she aimed to inspire all transgender children and demonstrate that rejection is not permanent. Now, as the winner of the contest, she will persist in promoting the message of inclusivity, embracing individuals regardless of their sexuality or gender.

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The year 2023 has been a fruitful one for representatives of the transgender community. Earlier this year, Kim Petras created history by becoming the first transgender woman to win a Grammy. Excitement builds as we eagerly anticipate what other milestones and breakthroughs the rest of the year holds.



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