Sienna Miller, 41, Sparks Debate on What to Wear as a Pregnant Woman

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At 41 years old, Sienna Miller is boldly demonstrating that one can embrace fashion risks and enjoy pregnancy simultaneously. The acclaimed actress, who is anticipating her first child with her 26-year-old partner, orchestrated a head-turning moment during her recent appearance on the red carpet. Yet, the reception to her fashion choice was notably divisive, with some expressing strong disapproval.


Dressed in a striking ensemble, Miller proudly showcased her blossoming baby bump as she graced the red carpet at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane for the glamorous Vogue World Show. Her attire featured an extra-voluminous, flowing skirt paired with a daring low-cut satin shirt, complemented by black stockings and high heels.

Once the event photos surfaced online, her fans were swift to shower her with compliments for her unique style, describing her as “beautiful and glowing.” One enthusiastic supporter exclaimed, “She looks Amazing!!,” while another admirer noted, “Only Sienna could pull this off.”

Stuart Hardy/ABACAPRESS.COM/Abaca/East News

However, not everyone in the online sphere was equally enamored with this bold fashion choice. Despite the consensus that Miller is stunning, numerous individuals believed that this particular look might not be suitable for a pregnant woman.

Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

One commentator expressed, “Enough with the bare pregnant belly look,” while another questioned, “Why do they need to show the world they are pregnant?” A third critic, acknowledging Sienna’s beauty, still disapproved of her outfit, deeming the decision to “showing her bump” as making it “even worse!”



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