Sofia Vergara’s Ex-Husband Gets a Meaning Tattoo After Their Split

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Following his recent separation from Sofía Vergara, Joe Manganiello appears to be undergoing significant changes in his life. The 46-year-old actor recently revealed a substantial tattoo on his left forearm, and the symbolism behind it is quite touching.

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During an outing in California, Joe unveiled his new tattoo, an intricate and bold black design featuring the Armenian word “Հրեշտակ,” which translates to “angel.” This powerful tattoo covers most of his left forearm and carries a profound meaning.

The Armenian artist responsible for this artwork, Ruben Malayan, shared the actor’s new ink on social media, along with a photo of Joe proudly displaying the tattoo. Notably, the picture also featured Joe’s small dog, Bubbles, whom he gained custody of during the ongoing divorce proceedings with Sofía Vergara.

© rubenmalayan / Instagram

In his post, Malayan expressed pride in his “latest work,” emphasizing its significant scale and its deep connection to Joe Manganiello, adding the hashtag #armeniancalligraphy.

This tattoo serves as a heartfelt tribute to Joe’s Armenian heritage, shedding light on his great-grandmother’s Armenian background, a fact he previously discussed during an episode of “Finding Your Roots” in February.

© sofiavergara / Instagram, © sofiavergara / Instagram

While Joe gets to keep his cherished companion, Bubbles, it’s worth noting that Sofía Vergara filed to retain “miscellaneous jewelry, artwork, and other personal effects” from their shared life. Additionally, she requested to secure all earnings generated before, during, and after her separation from Manganiello.



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