Speculations Arise! Was Francia Raisa FORCED to Donate a Kidney to Selena Gomez?

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In 2017, Francia Raisa, known for her role in “How I Met Your Father,” donated a kidney to pop star Selena Gomez during her battle with lupus. Although the transplant was successful, rumors circulated about a possible feud between them, making fans question Francia’s choice to be a donor.

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Last year, Selena Gomez’s remarks about Taylor Swift being her only industry friend sparked rumors of strained friendships and not feeling part of celebrity circles. Francia Raisa, who saved Selena’s life with her kidney donation, called Selena’s comment “interesting” on Instagram but later removed it. Selena explained that she couldn’t mention everyone she knows.

Recently, Francia clarified that there’s no “beef” between her and Selena, emphasizing they both shared their story to address the press. She addressed hurtful rumors and criticism, admitting she avoids negative comments.

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After Francia’s kidney donation, speculations arose that she was coerced into it, but in a recent interview, she affirmed her choice was driven by her own heartfelt desire. She stated she willingly decided to donate her kidney out of genuine kindness and blessings have followed.

Francia was surprised by the internet’s intense reaction to her donation. In 2018, she revealed how she learned she was a match for Selena through a FaceTime call. Their friendship faced challenges in 2018 due to Selena’s choices post-transplant, and in 2019, Selena referred to Francia as “the girl that gave me the kidney” without naming her.

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Despite ups and downs, Selena celebrated Francia’s recent birthday with an Instagram post, highlighting their strong bond.



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