The Unfortunate Experience, Beverly Zu Had at The Beijing Olympics

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Beverly Zu, a 19-year-old skater, has not had a good experience in the Beijing Olympics. During her performance, she fell down different times, setting her team in the last place in the ranking. The skater is a US-Born Chinese, and she had refused US citizenship to be able to represent China in the Olympics. But the Chinese fellow remained just disappointed.

Beverly Zu set her team in the last place in the ranking


She was seen crying during her performance after she fell down. She failed in different techniques such as trip-fliple toe-loop jump combination and also two jumps in total.
There have been a lot of rumors in China and the hashtag “Zhu Yi has fallen” became very popular in Weibo, China. But she also received a lot of support, by one of them told Reuters who said that As long she represents China or even another country, no matter what happens, people have to be tolerant.

The attacks on the skater were very exaggerated


Another journalist, Hu Xijin said that the people should not humiliate themselves and their country, giving her support for Zhu Yi. Another US-born Chinese skater, Gu, said that the people were very rude and uncalled-for. We all should be more open-minded and better people.
Zhu Yi was also criticized because she refused US citizenship, and does not speak Chinese fluently.

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Zhu started skating when she was seven and has won the United States Figure skating Championships.


Zhu Yi was seen crying very hard when she finished her performance

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She made a statement saying that she felt so embarrassed and disappointed because she knew that people in China were very surprised by her choice and she felt so much pressure for her team and also for the people, and she just wanted to show them that she could do it.

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Ji Boyang, a Chinese bronze medal winner, defends Zhu saying that Zhu is a hard-working girl, and that was her first performance, so we should understand her. Many other skaters have been in her position, so we have to support her.

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Zhu was under a lot of pressure because of her situation, especially after her selection over the two other girls




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