Woman Was Arrested After Letting Her Daughter Babysit Her Brothers and Sisters

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Melissa Henderson was arrested for letting her daughter, Linley, babysit her siblings. Linley was attending lectures online, due to Covid, and schools were shut down. Her brother just went out of the house to play with his friend in Blairsville Georgia and did not come back home. He was staying at his friend’s house down the street. Melissa’s friend called the police, and she was arrested in front of her kids, so she might face a penalty of one year in prison and a fine of $1000.


The officer, Deputy Sheriff Marc Pilot, said that the little boy was walking up and down in the street and anything could have happened to him after he left home. He could have been kidnapped by someone or bitten by an animal. The little boy is only 4 years old.


Melissa has said that she has her heartbroken, and everything she does is for her children. The way she was arrested in front of her children was really cruel, and they do not deserve to watch that scene.


She was taken to Union Country Jail, but thankfully her ex-husband bailed her out. Melissa’s attorney David Delugas affirms that charging a mom for a typical parenting decision is unconstitutional, and he wants to dismiss it. The process is now ongoing for two years.


To protect Melissa, Delugas said that in Georgia, child protection guidelines said that children can babysit at the age of 13  other children with the permission of the parents. So Melissa has no guilt in this story. The cops were really act crudely in her regards. Even the fact that the boy had left the house, Linley is a really intelligent girl and very careful girl. She has ADHD, but she has a GPA of 4,4, and she has broken different records in her school, she was the president of 4-H club, she is certificated in CPR and a lot more.


Melissa is a worker, and now she is afraid to go to work and leave her children alone at home, also, she has not return to work since her arrest. There had been set up a GoFundMe for Melissa, that had raised over $9000.

What do you think about the story of Melissa? Do you think she deserved what she received, or the cops were too harsh with her? In the end she is just a mother who have to work for her children.



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