Fun Facts About Children’s Movies That You Didn’t Know, Till Know

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When we are children, we are very enthusiastic about watching our favorite movies, without analyzing them too much. We focus our minds on the movie plot, on characters, colors, and everything that happened. But, when we watch them again as adults, it is possible to watch some hidden details, some jokes, and questions that now make us laugh. For example, have you ever wondered what is wrong with Cinderella’s foot?

This and a lot more facts are going to be exposed in this article, details that we did not notice before.

1. In The Jungle Book, the singing vultures were inspired by the Beatles.

© The Jungle Book / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers, © United Press International / DLindsley / Wikimedia, © CC0 1.0

If you look at them, you will see that these funny characters not only have the same hairstyle, but they also sing like them. Flap represents Paul McCartney, Ziggy represents John Lennon, Buzzie represents Ringo Starr, Dizzy represents George Harrison.
In 1967 The Beatles were sought to voice these characters, but that was not possible.

2. In Despicable Me, The bank of evil

© Despicable Me / Universal Pictures and co-producers

In this movie, The Bank of Evil was titled “Formerly Lehman Brothers”, a banking association that failed during the great financial crisis in 2008. That made every adult laugh.

3. How fast Pocahontas learned English

© Pocahontas / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

Learning a new language and being acceptably proficient in it by studying at least 10 hours a day for 48 days. Well, at this point, we can only say that we wish we had the superhuman intelligence of Pocahontas.

4. In Matilda, look how poorly undercover the police officers were

© Matilda / TriStar Pictures and co-producers

These two were disguised as agents with suits, hats, dark glasses, and suspenders. They investigated everything that happened with walkie-talkies. How could two agents be so bad at investigating?

5. Mulan has no fingernails

© Mulan / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

I don’t know if you have ever noticed these details, but Mulan has no fingerprints. Everyone does, even the ancestors of the Fa family do, except Mulan.

6. In Aladdin, the speed at which the carpet flies

If you have ever noticed, Aladdin and Jasmine pass through at least 3 countries such as Egypt, China, etc. The approximate distance of their journey is almost 15,008.4 km. They would have flown at 1,876.05 km per hour for 8 hours

7. Tarzan and Lianas

© Tarzan / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

The great skills of Tarzan, he learned by growing up in the jungle, go beyond every physics law. He is able to hold Jane in one hand and still hold on to the vine.

8. Where does Edward Scissorshand get the ice from?

© Edward Scissorhands / Twentieth Century Fox

At the end of the movie, Edward closed himself in his castle and started sculpting ice, the remains of which produce the snow that covers the city in the winter. But, have you ever asked where does he find all that ice? Does his castle have running water or refrigerators? Well, that would be a mister forever.

9. Cinderella’s foot size

© Cinderella / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

Cinderella and the prince have exceeded every expectation of romance histories. How can a man fall in love with a girl and cannot remember even her face? And the most curious thing, how is it possible that no one in the kingdom shares the same size of the shoe with Cinderella?

10. Donkey’s original stories

© Pinocchio / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers, © Shrek / DreamWorks Animation and co-producers

We had to grow up to understand that the Donkey in Shrek is probably the child that was transformed on the Island of Games in Pinocchio.

11. Mr. and Mrs. McFly’s family

© Back to the Future / Universal Pictures and co-producers
© Back to the Future / Universal Pictures and co-producers

In The Back to the Future, some things change for the McFly family. They have left a lot of traces. They named their son Marty at Calvin Klein’s suggestion, they never mention how much he looks like him. Did they ever bring it up?

12. Po’s father at Kung Fu Panda

© Kung Fu Panda 3 / DreamWorks Animation and co-producers

We never thought that Mr. Goose could be Po’s dad. Actually, in Kung Fu Panda 3 it was obvious that he was Po’s dad, but no one has thought about this fact. Mr. Goose is a sweet and loving dad.

13. In Hocus Pocus the famous Rogue Bus Driver

The Sanderson sisters board the bus to continue their pursuit, and when Winifred told the driver they wanted children, he responds that for him would not have been a problem.

14. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the villain is so evil

© The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

Claude Frollo was the evilest villain in the history of Disney. He tried to push Quasimodo into a well, and he decided to lock him up and passed his life mocking him and making fun of him because of his appearance. Also, when he knew that Quasimodo has fallen in love with Esmeralda he tried to pursue her, but she rejected him, so he had all the gypsies in Paris imprisoned.

15. Ariel, the mermaid, could write

© Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

At this moment, Ariel signs the contract for Ursula using beautiful penmanship. But, if Ariel could write, why she does not write any letter to the prince? Why they didn’t try to communicate by writing letters?



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